Sarracenia open pollinated hybrids

Sarracenia hybrids

When we allow nature to cross pollinate Sarracenia the resulting open pollinated Sarracenia hybrids result in some wonderful plants, a large variety of plants can come from a single seed pod.

Sarracenia open pollinated hybrids grow list

The following thumbnail images can be clicked to view the full size photgraph of the plant. Below the thumbnails you'll find a list of seedlings not yet photographed.

  • SH174 - S. 'Leah Wilkerson' x Open pollinated
  • SH617 - S. 'Unknown hybrid' - PJ Plants random seedling - [flava x leucophylla] x OP - H233 x OP
  • SH714 - S. minor var. okefenokeensis x OP - M2 x OP
  • SH788 - S. x areolata 'Trinità' x OP
  • SH802 - S. purpurea ssp. venosa - Gulf Coast form - Adrian Slack x OP
  • SH803 - S. leucophylla - Perdido, Alabama x OP
  • SH804 - S. leucophylla - Perdido, Alabama x OP
  • SH805 - S. leucophylla - Perdido, Alabama x OP
  • SH806 - S. flava - Burgundy form x OP
  • SH807 - S. flava var. rugelli x OP
  • SH838 - S. mixed Australian hybrids
  • SH861 - S. mixed US hybrids
  • SH907 - S. x excellens x OP
  • SH908 - S. leucophylla - White top x OP
  • SH909 - S. psittacina x OP