Sarracenia x mitchelliana

Sarracenia hybrids

mitchelliana is the name given to the hybrid resulting from crossing the Sarracenia species leucophylla and purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii. In the wild Sarracenia x exornata occur naturally as the two species often grow in close proximity. Crossing these two species often results in colurful hybrids with broad upright lids.

Sarracenia x mitchelliana grow list

The following thumbnail images can be clicked to view the full size photgraph of the plant. Below the thumbnails you'll find a list of seedlings not yet photographed.

  • SH489 - S. leucophylla var. Alba x 'Z' - L49 x H96
  • SH651 - S. leucophylla - Bens Bog, Baldwin County, Florida x 'Z' - L10 x H96
  • SH1015 - S. purpurea ssp.venosa - red form x leucophylla - Red and white - Walton County